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For thirty five years Gerard Kuijpers, autodidact, has been researching the essential qualities of steel, stone glass and wood. In this way he meets the core of his materials, where after he uses the power of their interaction. Glass becomes even more transparent, steel even stronger; while wood obtains more warmth, stone becomes eternal. Moreover, even more fundamental opposites arise: resistance versus movement, severity versus organic, and usability versus poetry.

So, in searching the boundaries of the materials, he creates objects that radiate simplicity and become timeless.


In this digital age you might feel a creeping desire to return to the more physical and tangible things.


The work ‘Dancing Stones’ from Gerard Kuijpers is the result of extensive purification. The steel and stone reach their ultimate essences. The steel being as strong as never before; the stone radiates its heaviness. This piece of art shows how the stone, even in complete rest, never loses the potential of movement.

While turning the stone the spectator feels the heaviness and lightness at the same time. Even a gentle breeze will be able to move the stone.







Studio:  Fortuinstraat 71, Mechelen, Belgium

Mobile: +32/ (0)486 525614

For price requests please send email




- 2019 -

- Artefacts at art center Eleven Steens, Brussels - Solo

- 2018 -

- Miart', April, Milan - Group

- Collectible Design', March, Brussels - Group

- 2017 -

Czech Design Week', December, Prague - Group

Personal Structures' and 'Venice Design', April - November, Venice - Group, watch movie

- 2016 -

PAD, Paris - Group

- 2015 -

Exposition Résonance, Atelier Jespers, 11 - 27 September, Brussels - Solo

- 2014 -

Dancing Stones', Galerie Yves Gastou, 25 April - 15 June, Paris - Solo, download catalog

- 2008 -

Libreria Bocca, Milan, Italy - Solo

- 1997 -

Gallery Francis Van Hoof, Puurs, Belgium - Group

- 1992 -

t Eksternest, Galery for unique furniture, Rumbeke, Belgium - Solo

- 1989 -

Seasons Galeries, Den Haag, The Netherlands - Solo

Design Heute', on tour across Japan - Group

Nagoya Meitetsu Department Store, Osaka - Group

Tokyo Laforet Museum Harajuku & Laforet Museum Espace, Tokyo - Group

Toyama Indusrial Exhibition Hall, Toyama - Group

- 1988 -

Design Heute', Deutsches Architektuurmuseum, Frankfurt a M., Germany - Group

Kapelhuis, Galery for unique furniture, Amersfoort, The Netherlands - Solo

- 1987 -

85 Years Later', Horta Museum, Brussels, Belgium - Group

Decosit', textile fair, collection of seats ITCB, Brussels, Belgium - With D. Verstraete

Galerij Rooca 6, Turin, Italy - Group

Ode aan Oud ', Gallery Westersingel 8, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Group

- 1986 -

Pur, Galery for unique furniture, Cologne, Germany - Solo

Galerij S. en H. De Buck, Initiatief 86, Ghent, Belgium - Group

Sint Lukas Galerij, Brussels, Belgium - Group

Design Museum, Ghent, Belgium - Group

- 1985 -

Pyramide, Galery for unique furniture, Brussels, Belgium - Solo

Ligne, designshop, Koninginnegalerij, Brussels, Belgium - Solo

Dewind, Art Nouveau Gallery, Grote Zavel, Brussels, Belgium - Solo

Doch Doch', expostition of contemporary art, Leuven, Belgium - Group

- 1984 -

LIgne, designshp, Koninginnegallerij, Brussels, Belgium - With D. Verstraete

Surplus, Galery for unique furniture, Ghent, Belgium - Solo

New Math Gallery, New York - Solo